Phuket family photographer: decorate home with bright family pics

Family photo shooting is always a very sweet, sincere, full of love and care event. It’s so nice to see when the whole family is assembled: children and parents are prepared, dressing up in beautiful clothes for looking perfect in pictures. So, if you are planning a family vacation in Thailand, do not forget to make sure that on arrival home you will have something for decorating walls at your home. And as decoration of course can be beautiful pictures from vacation. To do this, you just need to order a photo shooting with a professional Phuket family photographer.

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My name is Octav and I have been doing photography for many years. In my portfolio you can see how your session with your family can be look like. I have been living in Thailand for more than 5 years, I can advice you different locations for photos. From sand beaches to green jungle with waterfalls – everything just for you and your family. But before you proceed to booking, I would like to share some recommendations.

How to spend the best family photo shoot in Phuket

Before you go to all the hard, it is worth recalling that Thailand is a hot country. The sun does not spare anyone. And if parents can still somehow endure a couple of hours for the sake of beautiful photos, the kids are unlikely to be able to do it. As a Phuket family photographer with big experience, I recommend to plan a photo shoot in the morning befor 10 A.M. or in the evening after 4 P.M. At this time the sun does not bake so much. And the probability of getting good pictures without squints increases significantly at this time.

With very young children, I would not recommend a photo shoot with departure to the wild beach. Try to limit youself with views and area adjacent to the hotel you live in. This will allow you to return to the room with the baby at any moment. Do not worry: Phuket hotels are beautiful, clean and stylish. So we will find a lot of nice areas for our photo shooting even in one place.

As for your images, then you decide how you would like to look at the pictures. I would recommend only to pick up your clothes in one style or even color scheme. This makes future photos more stylish and truly family.

Booking a photo shoot in Phuket

For a photo shoot in Phuket with me, you need to write to me and agree in advance the date and time. We will discuss all the details and start working together.

See you soon!