Valentina Grishko and Yulchikbb: Lingerie photography.

With the huge development and growing popularity of Internet sales, there is a need to supply goods in the most good and “tasty” way. That is why manufacturers, shops are turning to professional photographers to make their products more attractive, and therefore – commercially successful. And russian sexy models, such as Valentina Grishko and Julia Belandina can help to make your dreams come true.

My name is Octav Cado and I am a professional photographer specializing in shooting high-quality, commercial products with or without models. Examples of my works show how competently I approaches any order. Here you can check one project with wonderful models for the lingerie brand.

More my works are available here on the website and in my Instagram, Welcome!


If you are looking for a photographer to implement any ideas, we will be happy to help you. Absolutely any, even the most daring ideas are accepted for consideration. Let’s discuss the main points and start to create photo and video on Phuket. My contacts here.

Shooting process with Valentina Grishko and Julia Belandina

The first step to getting good shots is to choose the appropriate location. In this case, the hotel was chosen with all the necessary infrastructure for both photographer and models.

Valentina Grishko and Julia from the first minute felt relaxed. So each shot became a complete finished product for brand advertising. In case of changing time for work, I had to work in compressed mode, which in the end did not affect the result.

The atmosphere during the shooting was pleasant and relaxed. The girls fulfilled all my requests or improvised, based on their experience in this field. Before the work, we discussed all the wishes, watched examples of successful photos and sought not only to achieve such a result, but to improve it.

In this photoshooting everything was important: the professional approach of the models, the capabilities and vision of the photographer. Without these factors, there would not be such a successful result. To find other works with these models write “valentivitell”/ “valenti vitel”, “yulchikbb” or “Валентина Гришко” and “valentina grishko nude” in your browser.