Phuket wedding photographer for your memory shoots

Wedding – is one of those events, that separates our whole life Before and After. Therefore, in many cultures, this holiday is given a lot of attention, time and, of course, money. Fortunately, in today’s world, people can choose and many do it in favor of non-standard solutions – to hold their wedding away from home in one of the exotic countries. Islands of the Thailand is perfect for this. And Phuket wedding photographer is great option to remember everything by beautiful photoshoots.

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Phuket beach wedding photo shooting

Just imagine: a beautiful bride in a white summer dress, an elegant groom with a boutonniere of unprecedented flowers, happy and tanned guests and palm trees, blue sea, white sand… To spend something like this especially in the cold season at home – something from the world of fiction. But in Thailand perfect wedding Phuket is absolutely real.

And be sure this holiday should be supplemented by a photographer who will shoot the most important moments of your life. After all, it will be so nice in the future to review your wedding photos and remember how it was. The photographer will be able to convey all the emotions and mood of the day; the story will not only be preserved, it will beautifully remind you of the warm sun of the island and its fabulous sunsets.

Wedding hotels in Phuket for shooting

The main advantage of the island is that there is an infinite number of locations, ideal for a wedding photo shoot. Together we will select the one, that will best suits your pair. And if you want to spend everything in comfort, wedding hotels in Phuket are always open to such ideas!  

About me

My name is Octave Cado, I am a wedding photographer Phuket. I’m ready to plunge into your love story and convey feelings in photos. I live in Thailand for more than 5 years and know all the secrets of this country: from the perfect time for a photo shoot to luxury hotels for wedding photography. Let’s move away from the standards and make a photo shoot as not just a part of the holiday. Let it be the whole adventure that will leave in your memory the best impressions and beautiful pictures.

If you want to spend your wedding in Thailand, Phuket honeymoon photographer will help you to keep all memories. Call, leave a request, and we will discuss all the details of further cooperation. I offer different Phuket wedding packages, so you can choose the best. And remember the main thing: pre wedding Phuket photos will remain for all your life. So you should make sure that they are unique, warm and cordial.