Photographer Phuket: portrait photo shooting in any locations

Beautiful life is not forbidden, and making numbers of beautiful photo shots – even more so. Nowadays, photo shooting is a great opportunity to keep in memory exclusive images of yours, exotic views and good mood in general. So, resting on one of the most beautiful islands, the order of professional photographer Phuket will be very useful. “Why”, – you may ask? I’ll tell you: just because you won’t find anything like the island at your home. Phuket is a blue sea, high waterfalls, stylish hotels and tropical cocktails in your hands, isn’t it? All this can get into your frame!


What I suggest as a photographer Phuket

As a professional photographer Phuket I offer you to plunge into the world of diversity and fantasy. Choosing a location for photography, you can be absolutely bold in your ideas. I’m ready to go to any waterfall or a deserted beach, stay in a hotel and do a portrait photo shoot, without going beyond it. Also we can hold a street-fashion shooting and much more.

My name is Octav and I live in Thailand for quite a long time. That is why I can offer you the most unexpected locations. As you can see on the photos – Phuket is very diverse and does not end with only beach views. Each photo shooting is something exclusive, new and infinitely picturesque.

Photography – is not only about beautiful photos which you can post in Instagram or etc. It is also one more way to spend time with pleasure for yourself, to visit exotic places and work as a model for Phuket best photographer.

Booking a photo shoot in Phuket

If you are determined to hold a photo shoot in Phuket with me, you must agree in advance the date and time. I, in my turn, will offer you interesting places for photography or consider your suggestions. The packages that I offer also include deep processing of photos.

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